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Insiders Look

So we have let it known that we are working on a new album. Along the way, we are leaving you clues for the inspiration behind the songs.

Our world is an interesting place. It can be overwhelming, lonely, chaotic, cataloged, expansive, or microcosmic all at the same time. Much is out of our control or ability to understand the technology. We live in a world where artificial intelligence is going to surpass the abilities of their creators-human beings. Our society condones imprisoning its working class with debt and never-ending workloads that follow you home. There is no security financially as our institutions can shut down or collapse on themselves with seemingly no advance notice. Does anyone remember 2009?

Enough of the doom and gloom. We are working HARD. The band is writing and working on sharpening our new collection of songs.

These pictures were taken from the March 30, 2019 rehearsals of our new album. It's getting close, we promise!

See you soon on the road...


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