Total Information Awareness

Total Information Awareness

It seems like this was recorded only a few weeks ago.  Total Information Awareness was actually recorded in 2017 and released in November.

Our first live show was at the famous Pats in the Flats in Cleveland, Ohio.  This venue has hosted was one of the first shows for The White Stripes outside of Detroit but is now closed.  We could feel the history oozing off the walls.  Pat told us stories of violence and death that took place inside that building.  It was sad but also an honor to play inside this building.

We learned a lot while recording this album and playing it live. 

Total Information Awareness is a concept album that focused on a very wide range of underlying issues.  Here is some insight to our writings:

One myth about this album is that is all about UFOs and Extra Terrestrial beings.  That is actually incorrect.  The Invasion video does feature many UFOs but they are not the underlying concept behind this track.  Invasion actually is about the similarities between notable prophecies of Edgar Cayce, Revolutions, and Nostradamus.

Fire is a song warning of a gloval pandemic.

The Watchers focuses on governmental manipulation of science and medicine.  There are some personal undertones in this song that  we would like to withhold at this time.

Invasive Species was a jam that we wrote at the music studio.  In hindsight, we should have kept it off the album and developed it more for the future.  We did not do justice to this song.

Eleven pays our respects to the victems of 9/11.

California is about growing old and analyzing your life from the rear view mirror.  It was painful to write but was actually a big relief and weight off my shoulders.

End Tidal was the first song ever written by National Security Band.  Although there are no audible words, there is a powerful message behind this song.  Big Brother is watching you, we are under his thumb.