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"Critical Sound Theory" is taking over the airwaves in 2024.


- Akron, OH -

Down the Wormhole...
National Security

It was a hot summer night somewhere near Dallas, Texas when it all started.  The initial epic jam session ripped through the midnight air on a night when the smell of fate was so thick in the air you could wipe it off your face like a dusty cobweb.  The encounter was exactly as foretold in the elder's ancient book of secrets.

The second session was literally "Out of this world" as National Security witnessed what was described as a UFO by  a representative of the Dallas Air Traffic Control center at DFW airport.  The quest for originality and our broadcast to the universe surges forward.  No stones will be un-turned or without examination. 

"You can't see me but we feel you".

National Security's sound is original and unique.  They make no attempt to blend in with the mainstream.  

National Security is an apolitical and anti-establishment rock band who are not associated with any organized faction.  They do not condone, support, or endorse political representatives or their policies.    They are not prophets, hackers, or protesters.  

There is a Secret Society.

The Illuminati is real.  

Big Brother is Watching.

-National Security

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