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"Without You"-by National Security Band

Without You is the first song we wrote for our new album, "Critical Sound Theory" and it is only fitting that it is the lead track for our series of upcoming releases. The song tells the story of a growing number of sometimes hopeless souls who find themselves on the outside looking in or losing a connection with today's reality.

Whether they are bothered by Social Media, the government, their work or school, it doesn't matter because we all have this common bond.

"Without You" Song Lyrics

I’m hearing the message you carefully designed

Devoid of reasons but we drank all your wine

Not in the least have you felt this mature

Injected my mind of doubt rest assured

Without you…

Without you…

Raise up from the cities and show us your scars

Out of the alleys and out from the bars

Leave from the world of digital deceit

Bereft of the show, a stuffed shirt conceit

Without you…

Without you…

Without you…

Without you…

What are the critics saying about "Without You"?

“Without You” stands out with solid song structures, tight drumming, and basslines, complemented by catchy and melodic riffs that easily capture attention.-Rock Era Magazine

The track “Without You” is a track that can make you feel like spinning. This track is heavy on riffs on the guitar and its explosive energy is irresistible.-Apsi Magazine

This powerful opening, combined with deep vocals, magnetically drew my attention.-Vox Magazine

“Without You” channels a more invigorating rock immediacy, moving from muscle-y guitar distortion and panting percussive fills into a fierce vocal soaring, referencing the track title with resonating endurance.-Obscure Sound

“Without You” begins, unveiling the epic rock sound of the National Security Band. Andy’s grungy vocals, misty and ominous, complement the atmosphere of complete immersion in the thick rock sound.-Indie Boulevard

The elongated guitar tones approaching the two-minute turn do so with palpable momentum, demonstrating the act’s strong capabilities for hard-rocking vigor.-Obscure Sound

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