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National Security Band Unveils Kickstarter Campaign for New Album

Dear National Security Band fans,

Exciting news is on the horizon! We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, a unique opportunity for you to join us on this musical adventure and secure exclusive autographed physical copies of our upcoming album, "Critical Sound Theory," ahead of its official May 2024 release.

Why Kickstarter?

Creating physical copies involves various expenses, from vinyl and CD pressing to packaging and shipping. Your support through Kickstarter empowers us to make this dream a reality and deliver an exceptional listening experience.

What Your Support Means:

  • Vinyl and CD Pressing: Ensure the availability of "Critical Sound Theory" in the formats you love.

  • Autographed Copies: Exclusive reward tiers offer autographed copies as a special thank-you for your support.

  • Early Access: Backers get a sneak peek before the official launch, experiencing the album firsthand.

How to Join the Journey:

  • Pledge: Explore reward tiers, from digital downloads to exclusive merchandise and autographed copies.

  • Spread the Word: Share our Kickstarter campaign with your circles.

  • Stay Updated: Follow our campaign for behind-the-scenes content, updates, and surprises.

Our Goal: $2,750

Help us cover vinyl and CD pressing, packaging, shipping, and Kickstarter fees to make "Critical Sound Theory" a tangible masterpiece.

Visit our Kickstarter Profile to pledge and be part of bringing "Critical Sound Theory" to life.

Thank you for being integral to National Security Band's journey. Together, let's make "Critical Sound Theory" a reality!

Rock on,

National Security Band

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