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Happy New Year

We want to wish all of our fans, family, and friends a happy and prosperous New Year for 2019!

What exactly does a Happy New Year mean? We all know that nobody lives a perfect life or has complete control of events yet to unfold. Some may have checkered pasts. Some may have issues, turmoil, or strife.

Our wish to you is vision, creativity, fulfillment, and calmness.

There have been rumblings that National Security Band is working on their follow up album and has plans for a 2019 release. Today, we are confirming those rumors. Our plan is to reunite with our friends at Catalyst Recording to record the album with a tentative target launch date in September.

Conceptually, this album prophesies events yet to come in our not to distant futures. The foundation is complete, now is the time to work on the finishing touches. Further details on the album and tour dates will be released in the weeks ahead.

We will be in touch. Our plan is to leave a cryptic trail of bread crumbs along the way in order to include our fans with an understanding of the driver behind this album.


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