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Album Review: Critical Sound Theory by Rock Era Magazine

The followign review was posted by Rock Era Magazine:

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By: Mena Ezzat

May 2, 2024                                


National Security Band

The last time I listened to their music was approximately two years ago, yet the National Security band remains vivid in my memory. I admire their political rock concept, as I have previously highlighted in my articles. Their unique approach sets them apart from any other band in the same genre.


“Critical Sound Theory” is an 8-track album scheduled for release in May this year by National Security Band. Their lyrics delve into political issues and explore hidden theories of our time. Primarily rooted in rock, their music incorporates diverse elements that span a wide range. Personally, I adore their music for its nostalgic touch reminiscent of the past and a revitalization of the golden rock era predating the 80s.



The trio from Dallas comprises Andy on guitar and vocals, Greg on drums, and Craig on bass. Their latest album features 8 tracks, each with distinct characteristics. For instance, the opening track “Agastopia” showcases powerful vocals and tight musicianship with impressive post elements. As you delve further into the album, tracks like “Without You,” “Indignant Sheep,” and “AI Has No Soul” stand out with solid song structures, tight drumming, and basslines, complemented by catchy and melodic riffs that easily capture attention.


“There is a Secret Society. The Illuminati is real. Big Brother is Watching.”


The band’s primary goal is to educate listeners about those who have influence over us. They hold beliefs in secret societies, where the Illuminati’s role is to guide humanity along the predetermined path. Each track has its distinct identity, a challenge many new bands face but not the National Security band. Their album offers a refreshing variety, appealing not only to rock enthusiasts but also to a broader audience. “Far Cry” stands out as a favorite, reminiscent of the alternative sound of the 90s. “Internecion,” the seventh track, exudes energetic vibes that resonate across different age groups, a significant feat for any artist. “The Reversion” serves as an impressive album conclusion, showcasing the band’s talent and experience. Despite its length, the track captivates with unique atmospheric elements, setting the band apart in the music scene.


National Security Band continues to impress me with each new release. As I’ve mentioned before, I truly believe that the National Security Band is on track to become one of the iconic rock acts in the near future. Cheers!

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