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New Album-Biomimicry

Happy New Years!!!

The worst kept secret of 2019 has been leaked.

National Security Band has completed the recording of their second studio album which will be named Biomimicry. The album is set to be released in early 2020.

What is this album about? Biomimicry is a concept album which addresses the changing of our consciousness and evolution of humanity in the early 21st century. Artificial intelligence, war, famine, altered states of consciousness, time travel, parallel universes are concepts the band was exploring during the time of writing this album.

Where was Biomimicry recorded?

National Security Band returned once again to Charlotte, NC to work with their friend Rob Tavaglione at Catalyst Recording Studios. Rob is an expert at what he does and highly recommend by NSB.

What can you tell me about the release?

The album will released in the Spring of 2020 and will be available all over the internet for your streaming and downloading enjoyment. Look for National Security Band on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, our website, among other platforms. Biomimicry is a full length concept album which consists of 7 songs. NSB feels this album is more of an in your face rock album than the previously released Total Information Awareness.

What are the titles of the songs?

Hang tight. Easy. Sometimes things need to marinate before they taste just right. We will be releasing our track listing soon...

What is the band up to right now?

We are BUSY! With the mastering now complete for our new album, we are working on plans to get it in your hands as quickly as possible. This is not easy work but we are soldering through. With our first album, we were excited to get our name out there and didn't do the necessary research or steps needed to get the exposure Total Information Awareness deserved. Biomimicry is something special so we are doing everything we can do to share our work with our growing fan base. NSB is also working on video production for Down. Plans are to complete this shooting and begin video editing in the next couple weeks.

I don't' want to wait until Spring. Can I get my hands on a copy sooner?

We are working on a pre-release option for our best and most loyal fans. Stay Tuned! There will be more information coming soon.

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