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Early Album Reviews

Total Information Awareness has recently been gaining recognition from the online underground music community. We would like to take a quick moment to thank those of you who are listening.

Big Brother is Watching. Keep your eyes and ears to the ground.

Reverb Nation: Our song, "Twelve Below" has just been curated. "Nice work! Your song Twelve Below caught our attention and has made its way to the headphones of our Senior Curators. Curation is the first step towards career-changing artist development programs such as label deals, festival slots, and more. Not every song gets heard by Senior Curators, so give yourself a pat on the back!"

"Many thanks for being a part of the ReverbNation community, now go share your accomplishment with the world!"

Top 15 tracks on Banks Radio Australia (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory) week ending 2 November:

Take Metal, Rock, & Hardcore Downloads

Total Information Awareness is available for streaming and downloading on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, and many more sites and apps.


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