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Biomimicry Album Review-Oasis Entertainment

Biomimicry is the concept album by the National Security Band which addressed the changing of our consciousness and evolution of humanity in the early 21st century.  Imagine my last review for this band was back in February 2018 which was my 697th article and now this new one is my 1620th review so time sure does fly.  This great two-piece band consists of Andy on lead guitar and vocals and Greg on drums and backing vocals.  This two-piece band has the sound of a bigger band with the sound of great artists like Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, and Nirvana on this seven-track album which features such tracks as Wired, Back Way, War Criminals and much more.  This album gave a great performance on this one and this is a band I would love to see performed live one day.  I am impressed with how well this album was written, recorded and produced. You will want to add this album to your rock library, but you won’t be able to purchase this album till June 2, 2020, from Itunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and everywhere else where CDs and digital downloads are sold, but check on their Facebook page where they will most likely announce the release to purchase. I have been told that when it gets closer to the release date, you will be able to check out videos of these great songs on their website, so you can also learn more about this band, getting some amazing merchandise and their tour schedule by going to their official website  In closing, I want to give a great thanks to Andy Balog for the great honor and privilege to have the chance to preview this album and for his friendship.

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