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Invasion (Official Video) Release

Our official video for Invasion has been released and uploaded to YouTube and Facebook. Since it's on the internet, you should all accept it to be true.

Final Hour and Invasion are the backbone of our recently released concept album, "Total Information Awareness". After a couple months of letting the album marinate with our fans, it's time to give the backstory to these songs:

Final Hour

This song takes place in the immediate moments after a cataclysmic event has caused the end of our world as we know it. Your spirit self has the ability to travel back in recent time to warn yourself of the impending doom. In other words, if you lived each day as it were truly your last-would you wake up and go to work? Would you let your wife walk out the door to go to work without looking her in the eyes and telling her how you feel? What would you do? Where would you go? What would you eat (I'm guessing sales of kale, arugula, kelp, etc would tank for the day).


Invasion takes place immediately after Final Hour because that's where it belongs chronologically. Whenever we play Final Hour live, you can be sure that Invasion will follow-and it will be epic.

There is a pattern when you research ancient texts and writings from our prophets. Revolutions, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and others have very distinct commonalities in their doomsday prophecies. The mere fact that doomsday prophecies exist is a sobering thought in itself. However, as you interpret these readings with an understanding of today's technology it paints them in a new light. Our prophets simply were not able to see the full picture. Are you certain that this impending and devastating event will be caused by inhabitants of our planet? Could visitors from beyond who have been monitoring and conducting tests be the reason for our extinction? The federal government released documents recently acknowledging that they have been seriously studying UFOs and aliens for at least 15 years. We know it goes well beyond this seemingly innocent admission.

A funny antidote about Invasion

The creation of Invasion took over three months to complete. The initial concept was a drum beat without a guitar riff to do it justice. Our first live performance of the song, I thought it would be a great idea to jump in the air and hit the last note at the same time as the last drum beat. Unknowingly, this is almost impossible to time. In order to perfect this performance stunt, we literally worked for over an hour on visual cues to nail the exact timing for me to nail the jump. If the truth were told, Greg (AKA: Illuminati) loves to screw with me and intentionally try to throw me off. I can read it in his eyes. The jump will live on and you can see my first jump at the very end of our new video!

The truth is out there.

We all need to dig a little further.

Trust no one.

Big Brother is watching you.

Have an amazing holiday season and we wish you the best for 2018.

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