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Major Announcement

As the planets begin to align as prophesied in the ancient scrolls, the skies begin to tell the tale as foretold by our ancestors and etched on the walls of caves. In exactly 33 Days from this moment of Totality in Charlotte, NC there will be a major shift in our existing reality.

National Security Band has confirmed that they have indeed made agreements with a major studio and major capitalists to finalize their concept album, "Total Information Awareness" on September 23, 2017. A release date is projected to occur by the end of 2017-stay tuned for further details. As with true National Security Band fashion, expect there to be an official leaked copy in advance of the industry-standard release date.

The band wishes to pass along the following messages relating to today's epic announcement:

The Illuminati: In today's world of divisive politics, unsubstantiated bi-partisan rhetoric, years of top secret leaks, unexplained deaths, a divided country, UFOs, killer robots, war, and a media that simply can't be trusted, I just hope the release of Total Information Awareness can shed some light on the shadows that follow each and everyone of us. And then maybe, just maybe this effort will redirect those shadows to a more unified, more diverse and less biased discovery of National Security Band to bring the world together and to be embraced by all.

Deep State: Our band essentially was created and then progressed as a direct result of celestial events and planetary alignments. History is riddled with decoded prophesies which have been well documented on stone tablet and online alike. Today, the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 marks the beginning of a powerful chain reaction and of a unique alignment within our solar system that will last 33 days. To our fans, our friends, and the awaken, we wrote this Classic Rock album for you!

On this day, we ask that you look to the sky. The answers to this world's mysteries will reveal themselves for the briefest of moments. Open your mind.

You are being watched at all times from above and below.

The Illuminati is real.

Big Brother is watching.


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