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National Security Tweets

National Security gets a lot of publicity online whether we want it or not. Our movement, it seems can not hide or escape harsh examination and reviews from society. In this post, we honor some of our favorite tweets.

Pink Floyd is obviously an inspiration to our band and we would be nowhere without their contributions to the music industry. However, if we were going to officially cover one of their songs...I would probably choose something from The Wall as opposed to Meddle.

Talk dirty to me @Claudiaasodope_

Yes, we agree Star Wars is beautiful (Empire Strikes Back is still our favorite). We also are trying to make a difference with our music and appreciate lumping us with such an iconic film legacy and the most epic of all computers!

It's no secret that President Trump regularly tweets about our band. We plan on thanking him in the liner notes of our upcoming debut album, "Total Information Awareness" for the free publicity. It was however nice to learn that Roseanne Barr is also a supporter of National Security.

We did not condone or endorse any political candidates for president in this past election cycle. Having said that, we also noticed that HRC was quite infatuated with our music during the election. As far as keeping Charlie Sheen away from your Coke...good luck with that @Greggutfeld.

The Illuminati and I (Deep State) thought we were doing a pretty good job blending into society without being noticed until this tweet surfaced. Thanks for noticing what we do and being a fan Ryan! Being mentioned with an icon such as Ozzy is a huge honor. We are ever in your debt for making us aware of the scope of our movement.

Hey, thanks for the hot GIF in your tweet. We love you too but more of like how you would like your little sister, ice cream, or a tractor.

Thanks Charlene. Be sure to like us on Facebook as well!

Thanks Belle, we love you too! If August 2, 2015 was a good day...wait until we drop our upcoming album! Keep checking our website for details.

Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie...Beyonce is not collaborating with our band. She never has and never will. Although we respect her talent, she has a different sound that would not mesh with our music or contribute to the message we are distributing to the masses. BUT, we appreciate you checking out and supporting our band!

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