"With righteous indignation and armed with sonic fury the 7 track album ‘BIOMIMICRY’ is a succinct statement on the perilous state of the planet that grabs the listener by the lapels and doesn’t let up for 38 brutal minutes." Pulse Alternative Magazine

"Listening to National Security Band for the first time is akin to waking up from a massive hangover, perhaps from mixing Jaeger bombs, red wine, and  Quaaludes.  Musically it is a cross between the heaver stoner induced riffs of Black Sabbath combined with the drudgery and sheer depressive overtones of Nirvana.  And I mean that in the best possible way". Powerplay Magazine

Biomimicry is out now.

This album took over a year to write and we are ready to bring it forward to all of our fans and new listeners alike.

The album was recorded in December, 2019 at Catalyst Recording Studios in Charlotte, NC.

The central concept behind this album is the current state of human evolution and how it is rapidly changing.  This transformation is largely due to the media, artificial intelligence, and technology.  The album then starts to examine the future of humanity if things continue down this path.

As we moved forward with the album in preparation to release it, our world was obviously overtaken by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our initial tour was cancelled as a result.  We could have delayed the launch of the album and changed the cover art to avoid the association with the virus but chose to move forward.

We did foresee these types of events unfolding but did not realize it would be in our immediate future.  Our world is progressing faster than we imagined ass we were writing this record.  Besides the pandemic theme, we explored robotic wars, time manipulation, parallel universes, among other much more personal topics for the themes of our album.

Biomimicry is a major step forward for our band.

We will see you again on the road.  Thanks for checking out our album and reading this post.

"This two-piece band has the sound of a bigger band with the sound of great artists like Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, and Nirvana on this seven-track album which features such tracks as Wired, Back Way, War Criminals and much more." - Oasis Entertainment

'Tower of Eden' is a the leading-track of the album. The song presents pure elements of the indie style, it combines stunning, emotive vocals with all the best of rock beats.-Rocker Magazine