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Biomimicry Sessions

National Security is an original and apolitical rock band that first took flight after a series of epic jam sessions that lasted throughout the late hours of a Dallas, Texas spring night in 2014. The band consists of Andy and Greg, cousins who were separated at a young age and brought back together much later in life through their passion for music, and the addition of a third cousin Craig on bass guitar.  The band's sound is influenced by heavy rock icons like Tool, Black Sabbath, and Pink Floyd, as well as modern acts like Interpol, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and The Flaming Lips.

Although the band's name may suggest a political affiliation, National Security is a neutral faction and not affiliated with any agency, group, or party. They do not condone or promote any form of propaganda and believe in checks and balances in society.

With two critically acclaimed albums under their belt, including their debut "Total Information Awareness" and the sophomore release "Biomimicry," the band is gearing up for the release of their third studio album, "Critical Sound Theory." The album promises to showcase the band's growth as musicians and their unique sound, which has been described as a cross between the stoner riffs of Black Sabbath and the depressive overtones of Nirvana.

Reviews of their previous albums have praised the band's stripped-down approach to rock music, with PowerPlay Magazine likening their sound to a musical version of Frankenstein's monster. Pulse Alternative Magazine praised the band's ability to create a massive sound with just two members and producer Rob Tavaglione's expert production on “Biomimicry."

Currently, National Security is working on their third studio album, "Critical Sound Theory." The band is excited to explore new sounds and concepts and looks forward to sharing their music with the world. The band continues to spread awareness and understanding of the world through their music, rocking out and living their lives as they wish.

National Security Band is a must-see live act, delivering their raw and powerful sound to audiences across the United States. With their upcoming album release, the band is poised to take their place as one of the most exciting and innovative rock acts of their generation.

Remember, as the band reminds us, "Big Brother is Watching," so stay informed and keep rocking out.

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