Biomimicry was written throughout 2019 and recorded in Charlotte, NC this past November with our friends at Catalyst Recording Studios.  As we were writing the album, we were thinking of where our society and humanity is heading with the current rate of technological change and state of human evolution.


The introduction of the Coronavirus COVID-19 is unfortunate and a major blow to our society.  We are hopeful for a full and speedy recover and minimal impact with the health of those who we hold near.  At the time of our writing and recording, this virus was unknown to us in the United States.  We were however using a similiar hypothetical scenario specifically with some of the lyrics.  The Scourge in particular is actually a song of hope and a recognition of crossroads in this type of scenario we currently face today.


With this pre-order, you will get a physical copy of our CD mailed to you.  Here is the track listing:


Tower of Eden
Highway One
Back Way
War Criminals
The Scourge


Look for Biomimicry to invade the online world June 2, 2020.

National Security Band - Biomimicry CD Pre-Release