April 1, 2018

We have leaked the official video for the Watchers online! 

Be sure to give us a like, follow, retweet, etc.  Although it's intrusive as we all know the government continues to track every move online to build a digital model of our brain, it is helpful and appreciated by our band. 

If you follow us on Twitter, we'll follow you back!  In all honesty, we make the music for you and want to encourage dialogue.

 Here are some other links to listen to The Watchers for free:

SoundCloud-The Watchers


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National Security Band is spreading social awareness and new rock music to an eager ear.

There is a social uprising in society.  Our discord originates from a time decades before your birth into this reality.  Was America ever free?  Do we live in a police state?  Do we truly have "free will" or are we influenced by powerful external forces?

National Security Band is also at the same time an apolitical faction and not affiliated with any agency, group, or party.  They do not condone, endorse, or promote Big Brother's propaganda.  Checks and balances are necessary.  This world is overrun with crime, famine, war, killer robots, UFOs, climate change, pollution, shifting realities, hydrogen colliders, fake news, political jargon, advertisements, and capitalistic agendas.

Secret societies have been formed for hundreds of years in this reality and have funded and executed every major political and economic decision of importance.  Is this acceptable?  The prophets of past have foretold of major events in our future human history that are eerily similar in both description and detail, they are currently unfolding on the evening news.  We ask that you open your eyes and ears.

"Total Information Awareness" is our debut album and our first attempt to make our message known.  National Security plays heavy but yet mellow indie rock and roll with a psychedelic twist.  The message is the truth.  The band looks forward to playing on a stage in your town.  They are honored you are checking our their site and sounds across the internet.  Be informed, rock out, and live your life as you wish.


Big Brother is Watching

Debut ALBUM: Total Information Awareness
November 3, 2017

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