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Biomimicry Sessions

National Security is a completely original and "apolitical" two-piece Rock band.  The band took flight after a series of epic jam sessions that lasted throughout the late hours of a Dallas, Texas spring night in 2014.  Andy and Greg are cousins that were separated at a young age and then brought back together much later in life through their passion of music.  They intentionally keep the band small-2 people rocking guitar, drums, and vocals.  NSB is best described as having a throwback classic rock band sound and feel.

National Security Band is also at the same time a neutral faction and not affiliated with any agency, group, or party.  They do not condone, endorse, or promote Big Brother's propaganda.  Checks and balances are a necessary evil in this society.  Our world is overrun with crime, famine, war, killer robots, UFOs, climate change, pollution, shifting realities, hydrogen colliders, biased news, political jargon, advertisements, and capitalistic and socialistic agendas alike.

“Biomimicry” is the latest album and is their crowning achievement.  This record is more of a pure rock driven concept album similar in style of many that have come before.  The band explored the current evolution of humanity and numbing of our collective consciousness.  Writing this album took over a year and was  finally completed in December 2019 with their close friend-Rob Tavaglione at Catalyst Recording Studios.

"Total Information Awareness" was the band’s debut album in 2017 and was the first attempt to make our message known.  The initial album features heavy but yet mellow indie rock and roll with a psychedelic twist.  Although raw, there are some hard hitting songs such as Fire, Invasion, and Twelve Below that are sure to melt your face.


The band looks forward to playing on a stage in your town.  They are honored you are checking our their site and sounds across the internet.  Be informed, rock out, and live your life as you wish.


Big Brother is Watching

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